There are so many deserts in the world but not all of them are made for safari. Unlike Dubai corporate events, desert safari in North Africa is very harsh and dangerous because of its extreme temperatures. However, you can travel if you have trainer and backpack. But first read about its Sahara Desert.

Some of its facts are:

  1. Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world. It is located in North Africa where it is expanded to Algeria, Egypt, Chad, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Tunisia, Sudan, Mauritania and Western Sahara.
  2. It is 3,630,000 square miles long due to which it can be compared to United States and China in terms of size.
  3. It is located near Read Sear, Valley of the Niger River, Atlantic Ocean, Sudan, Mediterranean Sea and Atlas Mountains.
  4. It is the hottest desert of the world where average temperature ranges between 40 to 47 degrees centigrade. The highest temperature recorded on Earth is 58 degrees centigrade. And it was the temperature of Sahara desert in 1913.
  5. The region used to be green and grassy but due to oscillation of earth that takes place once in 41,000 years, the land to lose its verdure 4000 years ago. Earth usually oscillates in the range of 22,1 to 24.5 degrees. Currently, it is oscillating at 23.44 degrees and the degrees or angle is decreasing.
  6. However, there is some grassy parts or small grasslands in its Southern and Northern parts where you can find highlands.
  7. Emi Koussi is the highest peak of Tibesti Mountains. These mountains have arose from Sahara Desert. Sahara Desert have risen many mountains, peaks and volcanoes.
  8. There is snow fall in the highest mountain ranges of the desert occasionally. The first snowfall of the desert was recorded in 1979 in low altitude areas.
  9. Lake Chad is the only lake of freshwater in Sahara Desert. The desert has more than 20 lakes but most of them have salty water.
  10. Around two million people live in Sahara Desert but majority of them are nomads (people who travel from one place to another).
  11. There are wild plants in the desert but they are mostly grown near oases and northern and southern parts of Sahara Desert.
  12. Most of the flowering plants complete the cycle of growing roots and shoots in few days after the rainfall in desert before the soil gets dry.

So, these are top 12 facts about Sahara desert which, I am hope, have helped you to imagine that morning safari Dubai and morning safari north Africa is different and can be different.