TCM which is also known as the traditional Chinese method is used to cure different kinds of diseases. These are also believed to have serious side effects due to using the herbs without much knowledge and then these herbs can harm the inner body systems. For getting treated you have to go to a acupuncture dubai in which you will get the treatment under strict supervision. There three different famous methods under TCM which are as follows:

Acupuncture: This method is used to cure mainly the chronic problems. In this method different number of needles is inserted in different problem points to cure that part of the body. The main system behind this method is that the needles inserted in body will help in releasing the natural pain killers of the body. After releasing hose pain killers body will feel relaxed, cured and the disease will be vanished. If the needles are not inserted with care then they may cause paralysis or if the needles are not anti-septic then they may cause different diseases.

Tai Chi: In this method certain movements of sports massage dubai are involved which help in improving balance and help in arthritis. It also helps in reducing the backache. This method is used mainly for the older people who start having the problems of Parkinson’s and joint pain. They will be given massages with tender movements and they will be practiced to focus on their breathing which will help them in reducing the out-of-breath situation and improve their blood flow towards brain. It also helps in maintaining the natural balance which is often reduced with the age factor resulting in more accidents in elderly people.

Chinese herbal goods: In this method traditional Chinese herbal items are used to cure many diseases like heart related, respiratory system related and brain related. But there is no firm evidence that these products really work. Many of the researches on these products are not up to the mark and most of them are studied in previous eras when there are no tools to measure the effectiveness of these products. Even in today’s time people are not sure about the results of these products but still many people uses them as alternate to the modern medicines which have visible side effects if taken regularly.