When a child is born then the parents do plan to send their children to the best school. They do work day and night to fulfill their child’s needs and requirements. Sending their little champ to good school and from that particular school gaining quality-education surely makes a child’s parent feel proud.

On the other hand, this thing is even true that some people are unable to provide quality education to their children. When a child is unable to get good education then they are left behind others. Sending to an expensive school is not the main target, but letting your child learn something through which they will be able to grow is the main thing which counts a lot. But many parents fail to understand this concept and they just let their children sit at home doing nothing. Many other children are given household chores and the inability to learn in early age makes them feel left out. This is not a good thing.

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But there are many people who want their children to move ahead of other children. They are the ones who send their child to a good quality school like nursery JLT Dubai and Dubai British nursery. But they may be forgetting one thing. Yes, this is that they fail to check that whether a particular school has a playground or not. A playground is such a place where your child is able to learn several new concepts.

They are able to interact with their age fellows. It is due to the presence of such friends that they are able to grow at a faster pace. It is not only the parents who are helping in their child’s personal growth and development. Schools do play vital role in all such things too.


When a particular game is being played in a school’s playground and a child sees that their friend is able to win it then they do tell themselves that if he can do it then I can do it too. Like this, self-confidence is being built in one’s little champ. This thing will help him to grow. This is the power of a particular school’s playground.

Playgrounds have their own special importance. Consider them and it will surely prove to be fruitful for your own child.