When someone is hiring quality inspector from the company then they have to ask about the certification of that company according to the ISO 14001 training. If the company is certified then you can easily hire from them otherwise you have to think about another company. This certification is necessary because it insures about the legality of the company and its employees. Most of the quality inspectors in UAE are hired thorough their companies and to get engaged with a company they need to work hard and they also have to act upon certain advices and develop certain habits. They will be successful in their career if they develop the following habits:

Get knowledge: Another than the specific degree or diploma which is necessary to get the job it is compulsory for the quality inspector to constantly crave for the new knowledge. He has to get knowledge which is related to his job so that he will get more information and then he will perform better than the others who restrain themselves from getting new information.

Show attentiveness: He has to show his keen nature about the attention to details. This job is all about watching and examining the machines keenly and deeply. If someone will not give attention to the details then h will not be able to work properly. He might ignore the crucial details of any bad working machine or any machine which is going to decay and in this case he will fail to recover the machine or failed to make the decision of replacing it. This thing will ruin the purpose of hiring a quality inspector.

Legal detail: He has to know about all the legal details which are relevant to his job. He has to know about the legal points through which they have to take the decision of replacing any machine which may prove to be a hazard for the humans. He has to constantly study the law regarding the organization rules so that he will be able to make better and timely decision. Constant study is important because there may be a chance of forgetting about some points with the passage of time if they are not being used in daily routine but you might need them once in a while so be aware of them.