Dubai being an advanced and development space has almost everything different from other countries. The celebrations in Dubai are splendid and eye catching. Without a doubt we know why why people in their vacations and holidays love to visit Dubai. Dubai has advancement and facilities not only for adults but also for kids. Dubai has playlands for kids, institutes that offer summer camping for kids and institutes that offer birthday and other decorations and celebrations. In Dubai everyone is so much attached to their work and they so much love competition that everything has its own charm and they all give a professional touch to their work.

Birthday parties in Dubai have different types of balloons which are even unique to the common person , the types of this balloons are number shaped helium balloons, rainbow birthday cake balloon stand, letter shaped balloons, organic balloon garland, hot air balloons and a lot more. The celebrations offer the person who has the birthday the party hats, the sash that has birthday girl or boy mentioned, unique and stylish candles, sparkling candles, confetti and a wonderful birthday cake right according to the demand. These institutions offer you to choose between the themes for your birthday party and the event is organised according to it. 

Summer camps that are also known as sleep away camp is the type of camp where we go in summers. It is supervised by elders and is specifically for children and teenagers to make them feel good and let them enjoy their summer holidays. So many people used to join summer camps but nowadays people don’t go to camps that much maybe because small family sizes. People go to summer camps to enjoy their summer and take part in so many activities like hiking, fishing and camping etc. They walk, and sleep around the woods and nature. They usually sit by the fire sharing stories. They arrange some music and dance by the fire. Now summer camps are also arranged by schools to cover their syllabus. This is also arranged by other institutes for the people who want to learn other languages for communication skills and for their personal interests. Summer camps are arranged all over the world so you can find many summer camps in Dubai as well.