When you are suffering through thyroid problems Dubai, there is a high chance that you will also be a diabetic patient. There are certain things or foods to add to your diabetes diet plan in Dubai so that you are aware of which foods to avoid and which ones to add in your diet that can help you in maintaining a healthy balance between your food cravings and health likewise.


Vegetables are always a healthy option; something that we have been taught since Montessori level. This will be a good time to put our Montessori knowledge to test and start eating raw, cooked or even roasted veggies. There are several options to choose from such as mushrooms, onions and eggplant with tomatoes. These are a few low carb veggies that can add an amazing flavor to your daily food and help you in controlling diabetes at the same time.

Go Green

We all get tired with a dull boring salad every day. So here’s something new to try. You can bake green leaves such as kale with a little olive oil to give it the perfect crisp that can pass as kale chips. You can add all sorts of green veggies or even roasted ones to your bowl with a splash of protein that can light things up and you get to eat yummy healthy greenery.

Flavourful drinks

Uh-uh. Not talking about soda filled and artificial infused drinks. In fact, you can add original flavors to your regular water by squeezing a lemon in it or maybe adding cucumber with it.

For hot beverages, you should most definitely avoid calorie filled tea and add cinnamon sticks into it. This will help you in reducing stress levels, improving concentration and maintaining diabetes for sure.