People are going for the procedure of IVF for conceiving a baby from many years but from the past few years there come new technique known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI in short. In this procedure there are several steps to be taken and then the fertilized embryo will be transferred to the uterus. Before taking that procedure it is necessary to take a visit to the urologist in Dubai just to make sure that the woman is not having any other internal issue. To get a successful procedure of the ICSI in Dubai you first need to get the proper information about all the steps of this procedure. To get information about this you need to see this:

In the first step a mature egg from the woman’s body will be taken out in a special pipette in order to avoid external contamination. This step should be taken with great care and all the eggs of different ladies should be taken separately and handled with care to avoid mixing them together. If they get mixed up then it will create problems on future.

In the second step a needle is used to pick only a single sperm out of countless sperms of the male. Again this step needs a great amount of care and secrecy. If the sperms will get mixed with each other then the whole generation will get changed so they have to be kept carefully along with the name tags.

In the third step this special needle containing the sperm will the entered into the cytoplasm of the egg. If the needle is not inserted professionally then it may rupture the egg results in failing the whole procedure.

In the fourth step sperm will be injected into the cytoplasm and then the needle will be removed with great care and professionalism. Any careless move will ruin the whole thing and then it will have to be done again from the start.

In the fifth step egg of the female will be kept under observation and the next day it will be checked for getting a fertilized egg. In some cases the procedure will get failed due to many reasons but most of the time it went successful the egg got fertilized. This egg will then place back into the woman’s uterus.