Have you ever sit with your grand parents and listened their stories?  How much they had to travel to mingle with their friends and relatives? How much they had to drive to buy grocery and books for which they used to ask shopkeepers months ago to write a book for them because printers were not available at that time?

Thus their lives were too difficult but thanks to internet which gas made every work easier. Today we can talk and part with friends via social media and messaging apps where we can chat and host party by having a video call. Moreover, we can use this connection to buy groceries, clothes,  books and toys easily. And currently, it has even reduced the house chores as there us the availability of Google-connected devices and lights which Assistant can control.

No doubt, the internet has a lot of advantages but gave you ever thought that what is internet?

Internet is a networking system. Network is the setup in which numerous computers are connected. Internet is the largest network. It us wireless network that connect hundred thousand of computer at a time via Wi-Fi signals that are transmitted to homes and places via devices. Good devices transfer the signals fast while bad devices and models take time to connect phone with internet.

Today there are different services around the globe. These services provide these Wi-Fi signals to connect you to the network of internet easily. Du internet package offer and other services includes provision of device and modem which their workers attach at your place to provide signals.

The technology is not so old. It was invented in 1950s after the invention of personal computers and desktop by Microsoft and Apple yet it’s use and consumption has made it very common that it looks so old technology.

Internet is available everywhere nowadays. Internet packages for home internet in Dubai offer different plans for cheap at different areas of the world and many people use them to update themselves. In today’s works, it is very to update yourself mentally and physically.  And this need to update yourself is realized to us by internet. This technology has made the pace of growth faster.

So, walk with the world, increase your pace too and rule the world with grace and confidence which your surrounding needs from you extremely to make the world a better place to live.