If this is the first time for you with the pet, it is going to be an excellent experience. Being a pet owner is one thing, and making the experience of raising the pet memorable is another. It is best to differentiate between both as it will help you raise the pet with a lot of caution. While raising the pet, know that pet grooming is a must for every pet so make sure to give your pet proper grooming from time to time. It will help the pet look fresh and energetic, apart from appearing beautiful. Remember, everything you do for your pet is its right, and by providing the best environment, you prove that you are an excellent pet owner in every sense. While you had the opportunity to raise the pet and you may be doing all you can, there are numerous thing that you must do to allow your pet to enjoy as much as he could. Of course, the pet may not be able to tell you that, but there are signs that will help you identify whether the pet is happy and comfortable or not. You should do all you can to make it happy and keep it busy. A pet dog is extremely energetic, so it will take you a lot of effort to make the dog tired or satisfied. You keep throwing the stick to him all day long and he will keep fetching it without tiring. So, do something to keep him busy. 

Make him sort things out

You can keep the pet busy in so many ways instead of throwing sticks and get yourself tired in the process. Make a custom made obstacle course and place it in the lawn of your home. Put it in a way that the dog explores one and starts another. This will keep it busy for hours and during those hours, you might be able to perform your routine things. On the other hand, you can also keep the dog busy by training him and making him do things that it might not usually. 

Put the kennel

It is a must to arrange a kennel for your dog and place it at an appropriate place. Make sure to surround the kennel with toys and balls, sticks that will keep the dog busy for a considerable time. Find a dog kennel in Dubai right away.