No one can tell before the inflating of fire that when and where it will occur so it is better to be safe than sorry and have safety measures to avoid any kind of tragedy. To keep away from any calamity you have to know about the safety techniques which you can use if your place caught fire. You have to know about the different kinds of fires before getting the safety measures because you have to use the safety according to the need. For getting the complete knowledge about different kinds of fires you should check here:

Class A: This class includes different kinds of solid materials which can easily caught fire. These materials include wood and paper. This kind of fire occur normally indoors and can be overcomes by the use of water extinguisher or FM 200 fire suppression system.

Class B: This class includes liquid based fires which happen due to the burning of petrol. The best suppressor to use for this kind of fire is the foam extinguisher which keeps a protective layer between the flammable material and the flame itself which will then suppress the fire.

Class C: This class includes fire due to the burning of gases like hydrogen and methane. The suppressor to be used is the dry powder extinguisher which can be helpful in overcoming many kinds of fire not only the gas based.

Class D: This class includes the fire due to the burning of metals like Aluminum. This fire happens normally in big industries and can be overcomes by the dry powder extinguisher.

Electrical fire: This fire happens due to the burning of electrical devices like computers and TVs. This kind of fire normally happens in the computer servers of big buildings and businesses. It can be overcomes by the dry powder extinguisher but also note down that if you take away the electrical device from the place of fire then the class of ire will be changed according to the new situation and will need another fire extinguisher if not suppressed by the dry powder extinguisher. But it happen only in case of frying pan burn because dry powder will not work on that and you have to use the wet chemical in that situation otherwise dry powder extinguisher will overcome almost all fires.