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Briefing Papers 2014


I. Section 1 : An Assessment of International, Regional and Local Efforts in Mitigating Maritime Piracy Off the Horn of Africa

a. Winning the Endgame Against Piracy: The European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Missions in the Horn of Africa Dr. Marcus Houben, European Union External Action Service

b. Impact of Information Networks: Views from the Regional Maritime Information Sharing Centre in Yemen Mohammed Almajashi, Executive Director, Regional Maritime Information Sharing Centre, Sanaa Yemen

c. ReCAAP’s Successful Model for Regional Cooperation: Combating Piracy in Asia Yoshihisa Endo, Executive Director, ReCAAP

d. Local Community Initiatives in Combating On-Shore Piracy: Engagement for Public Safety Degan Ali, Executive Director and Board Member, African Development Solutions (Adeso)


II. Section 2: Crime in Africa: Another Version of the Maritime Piracy Syndrome?

a. Piracy: The Prevention of Maritime Threats and Lessons from the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia Dr. Christian Bueger, Reader in International Relations, Cardiff University

b. The Confluence of Armed Maritime Crime in the Gulf of Guinea: Scope and Impact Dr. Peter Chalk, RAND Corporation

c. The Correlation between Maritime Piracy and Oil Theft: Impact of Illegal Energy Seizure on Global and Regional Economies Gavin Simmonds, Head, Security and Commercial, UK Chamber of Shipping

d. The Atlantic Connection: Latin America’s Drug Links with West Africa’s Terrorist Hubs Angel Rabasa, International Security Analyst

e. From Protecting Crime to Protecting Legitimate Trade in Somalia Dr. Anja Shortland, Reader in Political Economy, King's College


III. Section 3: The Industry’s Journey to Halt Maritime Piracy and Measures to Hinder Similar Criminal Threats Across Africa

a. Industry Contributions to Support Somalia: Experience of the Joint Shipping Initiative Dr. Grahaeme Henderson, Dr. Sophie Fallou and Dr. Alexandra Ebbinghaus, Sophie Fallou, - Shell Trading and Shipping Company

b. Evolving Public-Private Partnerships: Breaking New Ground to Prevent Illicit Activity and Harness Governance Jon Huggins, Director, Oceans Beyond Piracy

c. The Role of the IMO in Strengthening Maritime Security in West and Central Africa Chris Trelawny, Deputy Director, Maritime Safety Division, International Maritime Organization (IMO)

d. Piracy’s Effects on Seafarers: Sailing in High Risk Areas and Post Piracy Care Dr. Douglas Stevenson, Director, Center for Seafarers' Rights, Seamens' Church Institute

e. From the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Guinea: Lessons Learned and Best Practices to be Employed by the Insurance Industry Dr. Tina Loverdou, Lecturer in Shipping and Insurance Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London


IV. Section 4: Coordinating Platforms and Responses to Combat Criminal Networks in Africa: Overlaps and Synergies

a. INTERPOL’s Project EVEXI: Transitioning from Capturing Pirates at Sea to Targeting Illicit Financiers and Criminal Networks Pierre St. Hilaire, Director of INTERPOL’s Counter-Terrorism, Public Safety and Maritime Security Directorate

b. AU Commission’s 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime Strategy (AIM-Strategy) Task Force Samuel Kame-Domguia, Coordinator, 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime Task Force, African Union Commission

c. Terrorist Groups from Mali to Somalia: A Review of Counter-Terrorism Efforts and Priorities William Reno, Professor, Director of the Program of African Studies, Northwestern University

d. Common Cause: Developing a Coordinated Response on the Continent to Youth Unemployment Taufiq Rahim, Executive Director, Globesight


Disclaimer: The above-listed briefing papers are intended to serve as background to the conference only; the opinions expressed in them reflect the views of the authors, and nothing contained in any of the papers reflects the opinions or positions of the conference organizers. Content may have been edited for formatting purposes.