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Briefing Papers 2013

1. The Maritime Security Dimension and Capacity Building

a. The Development and Implementation of a Somali Maritime Strategy-Colonel (Rtd.)John Steed MBE.
b. Reconstituting the Somali Marine Forces and Enhancing their Land-based Capabilities: A Maritime Strategy for Somalia- Dr. Marcus Houben.
c. Large Scale Prosecution of Somali Piracy Suspects: What have we learned?-Alan Cole
d. Transitioning the Operational Coordination of Maritime Law Enforcement in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean- Declan Barber
e. Building on Existing Codes of Conduct to Promote Regional Cooperation for all Aspects of Maritime Development: An Opportunity Not to be Missed - Philip Holihead 
f.West and Central African Leaders Unite Against Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea- Capt. (Ret.)Phillip J. Heyl

2.  Private Sector Contribution to Counter-Piracy Efforts (Ports & Industry)

a.  The Cost of Piracy: Moving from Mitigation to Investment - Jon Huggins
b. Capacity building in Somalia Through Sustainable and Impactful Business Investment- Kathryn Wightman-Beaven 
c. Enhancing Information Awareness between Public-Private Stakeholders - Cdr Hallvard Flesland
d. National Regulatory Frameworks for On-Board Vessel Security: Some Key Issues - Dr. Douglas Guilfoyle
e. Progress in Establishing International Guidelines that Regulate PMSCs - Rayan El Saleh
f. Developments in Private Maritime Security Compliance Standards 2012 - Steven Jones

3. A Different Dimension to Countering Piracy: Humanitarian Efforts for Alternative Livelihoods

a. Humanitarian Aid to Somalia: The Role of the Islamic Development Bank Group - Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali
b. Access Challenges and Impediments to Aid Delivery in Somalia - Qurat-ul-Ain Sadozai
c. Rebuilding the Somali State: Recovery Initiatives and Long-Term Solutions for Development - Gabriel Negatu
d. Update on Seafarers’ Welfare: 2012 Report on Psychological Impact of Piracy on Seafarers - Douglas B. Stevenson

4. Attributing Success Factors for Counter-Piracy in a Complex Environment

a. Following Financial Flows in the Fight Against Piracy - Ambassador Giuseppe Maresca
b. The Somali Federal Government and Counter-Piracy: New Government, New Possibilities - Jay Bahadur
c. The UAE’s Approach in Using a Maturity Model to Develop Counter-Piracy Capabilities- Ambassador Mahash Saeed Alhameli
d. Contact Group for Piracy off the Coast of Somalia-Updates and Evolving Multilateral Activities - Donna Hopkins
e. Rolling Back Somali Piracy-Views from EUNAVFOR on Operations since 2012 - Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant
f. Attributing Success Factors for Counter-Piracy in a Complex Environment: The Role of IMO in the “Arms on Board” Debate - Chris Trelawny

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Disclaimer: The above-listed briefing papers are intended to serve as background to the conference only; the opinions expressed in them reflect the views of the authors, and nothing contained in any of the papers reflects the opinions or positions of the conference organizers. Content may have been edited for formatting purposes.