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2012 Briefing Papers

1. Current Situation and Challenges in the International Counter-Piracy Response

a. The Changing Threat from Somali Pirates and their Major Centers of Activity in 2012— Donna Hopkins
b. The Military Response:  Successes and Outstanding Challenges—Jon Huggins
c. EUNAVFOR – Disruption of Pirate Logistic Dumps (DPLD) on the Shoreline:  A Necessary Action? - Lieutenant Commander Jacqueline Sherriff
d.  International Community’s Response: The Activity of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia—Henk Swarttouw
e. The Changing Political and Security Situation in Somalia: Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda- Stig Jarle Hansen
f. The Humanitarian Response: Seafarers Health and Welfare- Can We Declare Victory and Go Home? Douglas B. Stevenson
g. The Role of International Law: Justice and the Legal Challenge-  Eugene Kontorovich

2.  Addressing Industrial Perspectives and Solutions

a. The Shipping Industry and the Spiraling Costs of Maritime Piracy- Eirik Hooper
b. Kidnapping at Sea: A View from the Insurance Industry—Derek Rogers
c. The Economics of Piracy:  Who Wins?  Who Loses?— Peter Middlebrook
d. Creation of New Industrial Standards and Compliance Regulations –Stephen Askins

3. Short-Term Containment Issues to Somali Piracy

a. Private Maritime Security Companies and Counter-Piracy- Peter Chalk
b. Regulating Private Military and Security Companies at Sea: New Developments and Challenges- Carolin Liss
c. Somali Piracy: Following the Paper Trail - Pierre St. Hilaire
d. Sailor Education and Training: Cutting the Human Cost— Marie Lynge
e. Intelligence and Avoidance of Capture by Pirates off the Coast of Somalia—Nis Leerskov Mathiesen
f. Media Myths and Misguided Policies: The Role of Public Diplomacy in Counter-Piracy—Mary Harper
g. The Legal Process:  The Indian Ocean Commission’s Effort to Promote Regional Harmonization of Laws against Piracy—Jacques Belle

4. Long-Term Regional Cures: Somalia and Counter-Piracy Initiatives

a. Historical Links between the Arabian Peninsula and Somali Peninsula:  A Regional Response Based on Partnership —Theodore Karasik
b. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Supporting Programs to Counter Piracy- The Efficacy and Implementation of Successful PPPs, and their Contribution to the Long Term Alleviation of the Root Causes of Piracy in Somalia— Kathryn Wightman-Beaven
c. Alternative Livelihoods: Developing and Maintaining Economic Growth in Troubled Territories—  Anja Shortland
d. Building Somali Maritime Capacity for Self-Defence and Reliance—Muhyadin Ali Yusuf
e. Constructing a Robust GCC Response at Sea: Reviving the Arab Counter-Piracy Force- Rear Admiral Naval Staff  Ibrahim Al Musharrakh

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Disclaimer: The above-listed briefing papers are intended to serve as background to the conference only; the opinions expressed in them reflect the views of the authors, and nothing contained in any of the papers reflects the opinions or positions of the conference organizers. Content may have been edited for formatting purposes.